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Demo 2008

by Can't Relate

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Genesis 01:08
I don't deserve this, I never did. I took your shit for so long, it made me never want to belong. I have got to think on my feet and have got to stay above the rest. I have got to speak, have to keep in touch. I need to get this off my fucking chest.
Drowning, trapped, spiralling down, another life has hit the ground. Wasted time, I couldn't cope, another life has lost all hope. I can't see, any more, blinded futures, life long war. See them trapped, reaching for help, they can't even save themselves. But I've got a mind of my own. Never beside me, I was just your prop, you used us to make your way to the top. Put you back in your place, like a fist to the face, because what we had is gone, just an empty space. Do you really believe, the shit that you say? The holes in your lies are revealed more each day. You ran your mouth and burnt your bridge, I say that it's time to deal with it. Nothing is left, this ship has come to its end. Forgotten times, forgotten friends. Nothing is left and when it came to vent, we never were.
Overturn 01:34
Lay awake I can not sleep at night; questions needing answers are running in my mind. Who are we, why and what is our purpose? My life is a vessel and I'm just skimming the surface. I feel there's so much curbed potential in me, mindsets need to be broken, to set us all free. We need to change the way we live our lives, evolve to make something better for us inside. I know it can be done, embrace the change, create a better future, and wash the past away with the rains. You're holding us back. Backwards life, then you tried to break mine. I've been your pillar for one last time. We're not the same, you're society's flaw. I'll live my life, you go live yours. We're bigger than this, don't need to lose mind, Every time you feel this change inside. Open your brain, reprocess your thoughts, strive for change today, for a stronger tomorrow. I can finally sleep, my processes at ease, but will I wake up tomorrow and it's all been a dream? Time is more than what we see, we can each play our part, this function called life needs to walk the right path.
At What Cost 01:25
Light a fire, you make me cold. Everything is nothing when you are all alone. You can try, you might succeed, just don't sell out to your fucking greed. You wanted it all, but at what cost? It cost you everything and now you're fucking lost. So enjoy your little quick fix, while your hour is near. Because when tomorrow's upon you, you don't know where you'll fucking find yourself.
Can't Relate 01:50
You look at me as if to say taht it's not alright. Try to force your views without understanding or insight. I'm open to all opinions, but this just isn't right. Substance is lacking in your closed mind. I'm hoping that you will open up, listen to what I have to say. There's still time to change, learn from your mistakes. But knowing how far you've been led a-fucking-stray. Only makes me think, that it would all be such a waste. A small disagreement, a clueless remark, only made me realise it wasn't meant from the start. But I tried to look past it, focus on what was true to your heart. I thought we were the same, united by a common goal. But I'm finding out fast, I can no longer relate to you.
How can I see in the dark, where do I go? I have to search through my mind, explore my soul. Trying to answer questions, I cannot comprehend. Trying to piece the puzzle, games will never end. Fleeing from my mistakes, hiding from what I talk. It's so hard to run, when I haven't even learnt to walk. My biggest fear is me myself, I have been hiding so long. It's finally clear to free myself, from all my wrongs. I will be the first to admit, my own mistakes. At last I see how it all fits, a bit of give and take. Don't need to remind me about the past, because proof is change. I'm growing faster than time itself, with each passing day. I'm growing faster than time. Let it all out. I'm free. I've got to rebuild from the ground up. Strenghten my mind, rebrace the walls. Destined for strenght, all that I need to know. This lighthouse wil always stand tall.


released February 1, 2013

U&P 011
Demo by Can't Relate, Adelaide, Australia
Originally self-released in 2008

co-released 01 February 2013 with Positive & Focused Records


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Ugly And Proud Records Bulgaria

Hardcore for Hardcore!
Hardcore label from Sofia, Bulgaria, by a kid for the kids!

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