released April 22, 2020

Neckbeard Deathcamp
All Instruments: Hailz Komradez
Vocals & Production: Kriegmaster Hatesturm

Closet Witch
Recorded & Mixed By:
Luke Tweedy
Flat Black Studios

July 2019

Vocals: Mollie Piatetsky
Guitar: Alex Crist
Bass: Cory Peak
Drums: Royce Kurth

Lyrics and music by Racetraitor. Backing vocals on “Round Lake” by Joey Steel. Drums, guitars and bass recorded at Electrical Audio and Studio Greg Studios. Vocals recorded at Found Soundation Recording Studios by Jesse Cannon. Engineered and mixed by Greg Norman. Copy editing by Aasim Syed.

“Awakening” written and performed by Haggathorn. Recorded and mixed at Wright on Carroll by Daniel Binaei.

Mastering- Collin Jordan @Broiler Room, Chicago, Il

Released and distributed by To Live A Lie Records (tolivealie.com), Ugly and Proud Records (uglyandproudrecords.net), Moment of Collapse Records (momentofcollapse.com), and Circus of the Macabre Records (circusofthemacabre.blogspot.co.uk). Copy editing by Aasim Syed. Layout and design assistance from Brian Mackin.


all rights reserved



Ugly And Proud Records Bulgaria

Hardcore for Hardcore!
Hardcore label from Sofia, Bulgaria, by a kid for the kids!

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Track Name: Neckbeard Deathcamp - Spit Shine
So eager to polish leather
These domesticated werewulves
Obedient and well behaved
Now loyal servants to the boot

You've rejected modernity
To embrace the tradition
Of living like slaves
To bourgeois plutarchs

Your heathen homesteads
Built on Nestle's land
The sweat of your brow
Sold to Jeff Bezos

Your children's future
Consumed by OPEC’s bottomline

Too fucking dumb to fight
And so in love with authority
I'm surprised half these vests
Don't have a k9 unit patch
Track Name: Neckbeard Deathcamp - OK Boomer
Vietnam war
Participation trophy hat
A dusted memory
Of freedom that never existed

A sense of pride
Now twisted to worship
The iron fist
In an American flag

Every end justifies any means
No breach of liberty too extreme
Every prison built into a fortress
Every cop a judge jury and executioner

Their vision of America
A future they'll never have to live in
Track Name: Closet Witch - A Happy Kettle
Sun setting, rotten smell in the air
Vultures circle, they soar in here
All unaware, amber shades
And criss crosses forming

Magical moments, these are only for me
Don’t barge in on my great escape
Being alone may be the only way
Curing my anxiety
Resting can be made easy
Being alone may be the only way for me
Track Name: Closet Witch - Ace of Cups
The cavernous darks
the waves crashing
Into each mystery
The darkest void
The razor shaving
Piece by piece

Away from my memories
Filled forever with fear
And at the same time none

To live one must cry or the cups will never be filled with life

To live one must cry
Or the cups won’t fill
Pulling , pulling , pulling
I’m constantly pulling
Track Name: Closet Witch - Abstinence, but Not
The slap of leather
It soothes, it fills, it drains me
Taking my hurt
Aggravating but also quelling me
Make me cum
The slap of
Track Name: Closet Witch - The Squash Rotting
Sitting smug on the throne
Fake skins
Painted black
When the drugs kick in
You will take what you want
You think your eyes are open
But it’s the cardinals whose are
You think your eyes are open
How can they be?
You’ve never truly held the scales
You think your eyes are open
But there is a tail digging in the dirt
Wipe the smile off of the face
Because the glass ball seen through it
Will eventually show it all
Track Name: Closet Witch - Solar Lullaby
Warmth from the sun
A beautiful thing
But the rays coming down
They are the true key
For when they hit those eyes
The different earth bound colors glisten
And they show everything
It shows everything
A true spell from the sky
A true spell from the sky
Like a candle being lit to keep calming
It keeps calming
Track Name: Racetraitor - Part One: Sarcophagus
In the delusion of the dimmest light
Piss tears to worship
At these distant shores
Brutal performance
On these stages and courts
Bees your mouth
Flowers in your hair
Track Name: Racetraitor - Part Two: Subordinate Terror
It was the time of the supremacy plague
Lay all to waste
White burrowed crown
You would say anything to call it your own
The light shines on you
The light shines on you
Track Name: Racetraitor - Round Lake
The powerful shame
In their wasteland age
Their hateful hands around broken hearts
Their hateful hands around broken hearts

For every reason and justification
But love finds a way
And we rebuild in their wake
Their hateful hands around broken hearts
Love finds a way, love finds a way
Track Name: Haggathorn - Awakening
Prophecy branded into our minds
All must bow to the false
A way to keep us docile
To quell our very existence
Bread to echo these lies
To kneel in favor of deceit
Fight, for the absence
Of those that hold our will
Destroy the ancient ways
That fill seas with blood
Abandon that which abandons us

Fear the towering monolith
Or burn by holy fire
Agendas of gluttony
Serpents bear the cross
I'd rather burn
Than serve a foolish plight
I'd rather burn
Than sell away my soul

Blood soaked gold
Pointless slaughter in the name of control
The time must come when we awaken
Witness god, an empty throne

Grasp at crumbs
Left in your wake
Claw at ankles as your power fades
Face your end from those you betray
Beaten hounds you've led astray
Denial and sacrifice eat you alive
Choke on your words, the holy must die

Blood soaked gold
Pointless slaughter in the name of control
The time must come when we awaken
Witness god
An empty throne

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